Sunday, October 26, 2003

  Here is a compilation of lovely things that have landed in my (e)mailboxes over the past couple of weeks, courtesy of the mailing list fairy.

"Izu Cactus Garden, Shizuoka Prefecture", from the 'Zoo' series, 1986. Takanobu Hayashi.

If you are in Portland, OR, you may wish to pay a visit to the esteemed S K Josefsberg Studio for the second installment of the gallery's exploration of Japanese photography. Mostly monochrome and mostly marvelous prints from the 1970s and the 1980s are said to be present. This exhibit, along with its predecessor, which covered two earlier decades of photography from Japan, can be sampled online. Images by some of the artists presented in the show can also be enjoyed elsewhere -- Miyako Ishiuchi and Masao Yamamoto at Sepia International and the Robert Klein Gallery, Michiko Kon at Aperture, Ryuji Miyamoto at Artnet, Kozo Miyoshi at "Internet Photo Magazine Japan", etc.

"A Box of Ku #550". Masao Yamamoto.

On the East Coast, particularly intriguing are offerings by the Zabriskie Gallery (beware of the virtually barren site, save for the generous preview of the current exhibition), and by the Von Lintel Gallery. Zabriskie presents photograms and other pieces by Theodore Roszak. Some of his other esoteric and elegant works can be browsed in different nooks of the web.

Photogram, c. 1937-39. Theodore Roszak. Photogram, c. 1937-41. Theodore Roszak.

On view at the Von Lintel Gallery is the masterful Joseph Stashkevetch's Quincunx. The tumbling arrangements of mute florals and parched aquatic creatures are rather arresting.

"Flightpattern #1", 2003. Joseph Stashkevetch. "The Tire Dump", 2003. Joseph Stashkevetch.

A very extensive archive of Stashkevetch's other work is located on his website. The artist works exclusively in conte crayon on rag paper. Yes, he does.

Those impressed by Stashkevetch's art are likely to find at least some of the artists represented by Von Lintel of interest as well. Consider, for instance, Mark Sheinkman, or for something different and more ethereal - Yvonne Estrada.

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