Sunday, October 19, 2003

"Queen Anne's Lace", 1999, Victor Schrager "Prickly Lemon", 2000, Victor Schrager

Online -- Victor Schrager's sparse website and a luxurious presentation of his Botany series at the Edwynn Houk Gallery.

The Palm And The Pine
From the German of Heine.
Sidney Lanier. 1864.

In the far North stands a Pine-tree, lone,
Upon a wintry height;
It sleeps: around it snows have thrown
A covering of white.

It dreams forever of a Palm
That, far i' the Morning-land,
Stands silent in a most sad calm
Midst of the burning sand.

"Susie", 2003, monotype, fern, wax. Valerie Hammond. "Kiki (Dogwood)", 2003, monotype, fern, flower, wax. Valerie Hammond.

The Lisa Sette Gallery in Arizona is currently showing an exhibition of Valerie Hammond's work. More images from the collection are housed here, and other pieces by Hammond -- there.

"Hillary Double", 2002, monotype w/ferns & wax. Valerie Hammond.

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