Thursday, October 30, 2003

  This evening - notices of two coming audiovisual attractions.

Beginning on November 4, The Film Society of Lincoln Center will present "A Tribute to Lenfilm Studios". From the silents of the 1920s to the motley releases of the past decade, more than two dozen movies produced by and associated with the St. Petersburg film studio will be shown at Lincoln Center's cozy Walter Read Theater. The assortment of films to be screened is quite extraordinary. Each feature is a powerhouse of cinematic expression, making for a month-long overwhelmingly black-n-white film-feast. The film stills at filmlinc's tease page alone are just awesome.

from "Saint's Day", Sergei Selyanov, Nikolai Makarov, 1989. from "Mama Got Married", Vitaly Melnikov, 1969.

Toward the end of the series' run, watch out for the goofy and endearing "Window to Paris", a lighthearted but heart-pinching favorite of mine.

On another exciting note, the dizzyingly rhythmical and mellifluous Cesaria Evora will perform at the Beacon Theater on the upper West Side this Saturday evening. Hip-hip-hooray!

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