Monday, December 08, 2003

   Another extended hiatus later, today's offering consists of a wishful collection from a hypothetical wish-list.

Available for viewing at Photo Review's website are the remaindered items from its 2003 Benefit Auction. The following images strike my fancy. Are there any that entice you?

"Living Soul, from the "Heart of Man" series", 1984. Patt Blue.

Read about Patt Blue's work and life and see more of her photos.

"Untitled Landscape #4", 2002, cameraless silver print. Norman Sarachek. "Route 95, British Columbia,"1990. Paula Chamlee.

"Dennis, Sal and Rose, 1979. John Milisenda.

Don't miss John Milisenda's striking, quiet, and graceful work on view at his own site.

"Prague Garden", 1930s, Josef Sudek.

"Untitled", c. 1920s. Richard Tepe.

Photographs from the 2002 Photo Review Auction are also online and hold multiple delights, among which are Bob Wagner's "Berlin, Germany, 2000" and a photogram from the 1920s titled "Woman with Wheat Shaft" by an unknown.

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